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I'm Stew, 42 and recently had an awful consultation with an orthopedic consultant (who started talking about above knee amputation and wheelchairs.....I'm 42!!!!!). Having had 2 failed ACL reconstructions in my left knee due to football in my early and mid 20's things are now coming to a head. Starting to getting little twinges of bone on bone contact on the inside of the knee. Don't really experience any other pain but cannot run or play golf anymore...and I don't need to take painkillers at the moment.

I'm a keen cyclist and have started pilates, I'm slightly overweight according to the BMI chart. Plan to lose a bit more weight.

I just feel the consultant has put a big ticking clock above my head now. Her final words were 'come and see me when the pain gets too much' because there's nothing else she can do. I've barely slept since, stressing out constantly. I've a 15 month old boy, how is this going to effect him?? How long do I have?? She stated knee replacements aren't advised before the age off 55....can I get to that age remaining mobile and keeping fit? So many questions really.

Does anyone have any advice that could make me feel a bit more at ease?


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    Welcome to the forum, @Stew79

    I see that you been given a most disturbing prognosis by your consultant. D not forget that you can ask for a second opinion. The National Joint Registry exists to provide information and encourage improvement in joint replacement. This is the link:

    There is a lot of information which I hope you will find helpful.

    This is a link to our website with help with coping strategies.

    We wish you luck and keep us posted with your progress.


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    Stew, that was a tough consultation. To some extent I can empathise as I was also told, by a registrar, that, if it all went pear shaped, it could result in amputation. Next time I ensured I saw his boss who had no problem with replacing my old knee replacement.

    But it's true that these things can happen especially when we are complicated, you by your ACL ops and me by several joint replacements. ACL ops certainly make things more difficult for the surgeons. See here https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/28145948/

    I'd suggest you hang out as long as possible. You're doing a lot of good stuff to keep your knees in good nick. But, as and when you try again, do try to see a really good surgeon. They tend to work in teaching hospitals and have longer lists but, in my book, are definitely worth waiting for.

    As for your son, with the help of an excellent husband, I raised two sons despite my knees, and several other joints, being rubbish when I had them. There were things I couldn't do with them but, believe me, you'll find a way of having fun with yours all along the way. I did. My two are Dads now and very good ones. All kids really need is love and that finds a way every time.

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