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Hello, I'm Mike, a new member, and I have osteoarthritis in my Hips. I am not on any list as yet for replacements as Doctor declined to refer me and directs me towards the usual over the counter medications. I do stuffer the usual pain is a problems. I try to keep moving and exercise as I am able, depending on the pain level.


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    Hi @Mike413 I also have osteoarthritis, my left hip is severe but my right is only mild. In my area you can self refer to Dynamichealth, via their website. Dynamichealth is funded by the NHS. Their physiotherapists were very good but as I didn't notice any benefit after doing the exercises for three months they referred me for an x-ray and then to a hospital for a replacement hip operation.

    If the Dynamichealth service is available in your area, you might find they are willing to refer you for a hip replacement. Alternatively perhaps you could ask for a second opinion from another doctor.

    My pains are more in the thigh and back rather than the actual hip. Do you find similar problems? I have good and bad days. On the good days I often make the mistake of overdoing things and then suffer later and then the next day or two. At present I'm really suffering from lower back pain having done some DIY yesterday and the day before.