Social distancing

Hi, I am 54 and have recently been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I have just started on hydroxychloraquine. The thing is my husband has given up on social distancing now as he thinks that being double vaccinated makes us safe. I have tried to point out that I may be more at risk from covid with having RA but he thinks I'm just over anxious. Should I be worried or not ?



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    Meli, so many people think all is well now that they are vaccinated. I've not much time right now so I'll just say show your husband the links on the two threads immediately below yours.

    We must still be careful and so must those around us.

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    Hi Meli,

    I’ve been seeing a rheumatologist since Jan , I’ve plodded on as normal and socially distancing from people. Never thought of myself as vulnerable until last week got a letter off the dr saying because I’m immunosuppressed they are offering a vaccine for my 14 year old . Then when i discussed it with rheumatologist nurse she said yeh your classed as extremely vulnerable now . I feel a bit bewildered by it all and am going to be mega careful still wearing a mask . You could check with your go surgery to see if they have updated your records .

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    Thanks very much for taking time to answer my post. Yes I think a letter from my GP would be more convincing to him as he's a bit out of touch with online information believing that it's not good to believe what you read, he thinks that I do too much of it. I know that he is right to some degree but there are reliable places with valid info but it is a matter of convincing him. I will just have to do what I can to stay safe and hope that he takes on board some of the things that I have said. Thanks for your suggestions . Stay safe . Meli Xx

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    I think he's absolutely right not to believe all that's on the internet but surely he'd believe the BMJ (British Medical Journal)?