Minor Tricompartmenal OA right knee


I'm just looking for some much needed support to be honest and I did post about two weeks ago regarding my condition but have been awaiting X-ray results.

Had telephone consultation with GP on Wednesday to discuss my results regarding knee pain/swelling etc. He advised no torn ligaments but as suspected I had a touch of arthritis:

I went to collect the X-ray report from the surgery yesterday so that I can take to Physio on Wednesday and I was really very upset to see it had been diagnosed as 'minor tricompartmental OA change'.

I immediately did a Google search and found this was my full knee (3 compartments) affected and was really very upset as to be honest it is really very painful and swollen now.

I also feel that my left knee (kneecap) feels uncomfortable occasionally too.

I was diagnosed with lumbar degenerative discs as well as scoliosis (this sounds horrendous I know) and was told not to worry (private hospital in Abu Dhabi told me this) that this wouldn't be a problem.

My GP seems to think its my knee compensating for my back problem and a physio will sort this out but I am worried sick.

I sound as if I am falling to pieces don't I :(

Look forward to any help and advice.



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    Yes, don't worry too much. The doctor knew what it was, and the Physio will know what to do next. At least you had the knee looked at properly now.

  • Hi @pam33 thank you for posting on the forum. I am so sorry that you are feeling very worried and you feel as if your falling to pieces, these feelings can be hard to manage at times. I wonder if you’d like to give us a call on our helpline: 0800 5200 520 (weekdays 9am 6pm) here we can take our time to talk informally and in confidence, sometimes a listening ear can be helpful.

    I hear your concerns, and the pain you are experiencing and discomfort you are feeling at times in your knee. I’m glad to hear that you have been referred to physio and hopefully it will be helpful to you, as keeping moving is important.  There is a very well-proven complementary cream available for OA. It’s called capsaicin cream and is available on prescription from GPs in the UK. It is particularly effective for the knees and hands and can also be used in other joints. It works mainly by reducing Substance P, a pain transmitter in your nerves. The effect builds up over time, if you do get to try it, you may not start to notice a reduction in your pain levels for a week or so, it may be worth a go. 

    We have very little information about scoliosis on our website so I have given you a link to the NHS information which I hope will be helpful.

    Best wishes


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    My turn to have a knee problem @pam33 . My knee went stiff in early September after a couple of goes on stepping exercise at home, so I had to stop the exercise. Is stiff in the morning, and is tender when I try to sit on my knees and hasn't eased off much.