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Why when you are diagnosed with arthritis in a knee do the doctors only look at and treat that knee. Why on earth do they not check the other knee and hip joints they have all done pretty much the same milage?

If a doctors right off side car tyre is worn they would check the other three and not just change the faulty one without looking at the others, I hope. So Why not our other joints?


  • frogmorton
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    Oh @Arfer !

    Wouldn't that be great and they could do our tracking (gait!) at the same time!

    I expect it's a cost issue...the longer we can go the cheaper it is for our NHS???

    Brilliant post made me ☺ smile!

  • RogerBill
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    I believe the medical profession now try to limit the number of x-rays for safety reasons. They don't want to zap you with unnecessary amounts of radiation. I seem to remember dentists used to do a lot more x-rays than now.

  • frogmorton
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    Maybe @RogerBill

    They certainly kick me out when they X-ray my daughter, but have done that for many years.

    I think seriously that people can have damaged joints which are causing them no trouble at all so maybe they wait for us to develop symptoms.

    I thought Arfer was being ironical sort of😳

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