Finger arthritis

So, for the past few months I have been having increasing pain and stiffness in my fingers. I asked my GP if I need an x-ray to confirm arthritis in the fingers. My GP said as I have already been diagnosed with osteoarthritis elsewhere, knees, hips, lower back, the likelihood is that it is arthritis affecting my fingers. I am on zomorph for arthritis pain, and I use heat, ice, braces for my knees. My fingers are getting so stiff lately I can't make a first. Does anyone else here have finger arthritis?


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    Unfortunately the finger and thumb joints are frequently involved in most types of arthritis and you will find plenty of relevant posts on this forum. Difficulty in making a fist is a classic symptom and there are ways of using heat or cold (depending on the degree of inflammation) as well as exercise to maintain as much hand mobility as possible.

    There is also clear explanation of the effects on finger joints and sound advice on coping with the problems on the VA site. I'm rubbish at posting links but if you put 'hand arthritis' into the search box I'm sure you will come up with lots of helpful hints.

    We are all different but if you have specific questions and say what type of arthritis you have I'm sure someone will be able to make helpful suggestions on this thread. 😯

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    Hi zdodgyknees,

    I have it in my hands mostly my thumbs, ive been sent some tens gloves by the pain clinic but not used them yet as hasn’t arrived but will let you know if they help but ive been using a tea towel i wet i and leave it in the fridge overnight and wrap my hands in it helps a little in the winter I use heat gloves believe it or not I bought mine at my local petrol station but you can buy hand warmers online

    good luck

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    Hi @Jona thanks for the advise. 👍

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    Hi @crinkly thanks for the advise 👍

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    I would like a hot wax dip to use for my hands but where on earth could I leave such a thing, it would get in the way in our house. I tend to wear gloves more than I used to, keep my hands in my pockets and use the car AC to keep warm these days. I don’t use walking sticks with horizontal handles because it’s painful to use and as for carrying things I just have to say no. Often even sitting still do8ng nothing hurts a lot. I don’t have a good answer for you.

    it’s a grin, honest.

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