Spinal stenosis

Has anyone any experience of coping with spinal stenosis caused by osteoarthritis? I'm waiting to speak to a consultant after I had an MRI scan in April. Frustrated as I had my second hip replacement in January and was looking forward to being more active again. Does anyone know what possible treatments there are? Can't function normally and struggling to walk on bad days.


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    Hello @Warby1kenobi and welcome to the online community,

    You’ve been diagnosed with spinal stenosis and you’d like to hear from others who have experienced this condition or know of any treatments. All our members live with some form of arthritis, and I’m sure they will respond with their own experiences.

    NHS Cheshire have published a useful guide to the spinal stenosis which you might like to read. As well as explaining more about the condition, it also outlines the treatment options and suggests some self help measures — here’s the link:

    Do let us know how you get on, and keep posting!

    Anna ( (Mod)

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    At the moment it’s a matter of coping within the limits of what I can do, apart from pain in my back I get false signals from my spinal cord caused by pressure on it, numbness around my hip and knee and soreness around my leg and foot which sometimes makes it feel hot. My GP, says it’s just more OA (I could have told him that!) and apart from painkillers that’s it. I haven’t taken them regularly for a few years now, I don’t like the side effects or falling asleep during the day so decided to take control. I suggest lots of interests that keep your mind occupied, light exercise and relaxation exercises like deep breathing, warm baths during the winter are great and I’m sure that er indoors appreciates me smelling sweetly ! 😛😛

    its a grin, honest!

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