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I’ve joined this group as I’m so tired and debilitated with fatigue from my arthritis that I thought it was about time I spoke about name is Pat


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    Hello@kennetti76 and welcome to the online community,

    I’m sure you’ll find support and friendly advice from the members in the forum - we are all living with arthritis in some form or other and can understand how you are feeling. Well done for talking about your fatigue - this is just the place to share how you’re feeling.

    Fatigue such as you are experiencing is a common symptom of arthritis, and one that can be debilitating. It might be worth talking to your GP about how you are feeling as they might suggest some tests to see if there is another reason for it.

    You might like to read the Versus Arthritis page on fatigue - there are some useful tips on what causes it and how to look after yourself:

    Best wishes,

    Anna ( Mod)

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    Hi Pat, and welcome. Fatigue from arthritis can impact on life about as much as the pain does, but it's so hard to get this across to people. It came as a surprise to me, and I now suspect what had been diagnosed as CFS/ME a few years ago may have been, at least in part, due to undiagnosed osteoarthritis that was quietly rampaging through my hip until by the time the pain kicked in it already needed replacing (and explained the wonky limp I was mysteriously developing).

    But one thing I learned from an earlier bout of ME around 20 years ago is that there are so many causes of fatigue (these days it seems to be a symptom of most medical conditions, and many medications) that it is worth getting other possible causes checked out, so a visit to your GP to discuss further investigations would be worthwhile. For GPs this is a bit of a minefield - where do you start? It's too easy to find a condition that you DO have and point to that decisively as "The Culprit", but it's perfectly possible that you have one or more other conditions that could be the cause, and which may need treating. It would be worth having a good think about your lifestyle, (diet, activitiy levels etc) and any other symptoms you have before you see your GP to give them a starting point.