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Hi, I have spinal stenosis. I did well following surgery - decompression of lumbar spine 3 years ago. 2 years ago I suddenly developed severe groin pain and muscle spasm in my lower back. Pain has improved but walking is slow and difficult. I have a mobility scooter now. Struggled on over last 2 years. At last have been told I need a hip replacement after 2 years of being told it was a back problem. Hoping now to build myself up to being in best condition prior to hip surgery and grateful for any advice


  • Hi @3591SsLl

    Welcome to the online community! We are a great bunch here and there is always someone ready to listen and share experiences so I hope that you find this a useful place to be!

    You say that you have spinal stenosis and it sounds like you are also finally getting somewhere and are hoping to prepare yourself for a hip replacement. I'm pleased to hear this and that you are ready to get yourself into the best condition possible to helo with your surgery. Many of the users and members here have experience with surgery so I am sure that they will be able to enlighten you more than myself. In the meantime, this link will provide you with lots of information relating to hip replacement, including preparing yourself beforehand:

    I'm not sure if some of the tips here might be helpful for you too, in managing hip pain but please do listen to your body as you know it better than anyone, especially considering any other ailments that you may have:

    Please do join in with us on the online community, comment and share where you feel comfortable and don't be afraid to ask for help, advice or just a listening ear.

    Nice to meet you!

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