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I retired from work a week ago and am now experiencing a flare up of back pain. I saw the consultant who replaced my r hip 3yrs ago as was having pain in left hip but he said this was referred pain from my back which he could see on xray had changed whilst my hip hadnt. Pain in knee back and hip now limiting walking and affecting sleep. Need to lose about a stone in weight too. Not been diagnosed with anything but wondering about asking for referral to MSK service. What have others done at this point ?


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    Hi @Cat187

    Welcome and thank you for contacting the Online Community Forum.

    When it comes to your limited walking and the fact you said you need to lose a stone in weight, I have attached a link about the exercise programme with Leon. He is great and he will get a programme for you based on what you can and can't do.

    Have a look at the Forum as there might be someone that is going through the same thing as you.


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    Hi @Cat187 I've been diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis in my hip and I'm scheduled to have a hip replacement operation in 2 weeks. Like you I have pain in my back and knees and walking is a real problem.

    Have you got a copy of the report on your xray. If not, I'd suggest you request it. You may find it's available to download from your GP's website. My GP surgery emailed me a copy when I phoned to ask. Mine includes this "Severe degenerative change in the left hip with complete loss of the superolateral joint space. There is marginal osteophytosis and sclerosis. Mild OA in the right hip. The sacroiliac joints appear within normal limits." I had to do some internet research to check out the jargon. Clearly i have a problem but the only part of my back included in the xray (sacrolliac joints seem OK). Therefore I'm hoping my back pain is referred pain from the hip. If the replacement hip doesn't fix the back I guess it'll need further investigation.

    I self referred myself to Dynamichealth which is an NHS funded physiotherapy service in my area. If they operate in your area I'd certainly suggest trying them. They gave me some exercises which certainly seem to help. When I don't do the exercises I find my back and other problems are worse later that day or the next. As you've only recently retired could it be that your change in lifestyle has given rise to your back problems?