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Hi my name is Debbie and I have just started on the above medication after going through endless dmards with no luck and yesterday was one of the worst days ever. I suffered with migraines sore throat cold symptoms and very oddly a sore mouth. I did look this up and an other symptom of my sporadic arthritis is mouth ulcers does anyone else on here take the medication and how is it for them. Thanks


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    Welcome @ELEPHANT55 to the online community,

    I see that you have been struggling with the side effects of Apremilast having been previously prescribed a number of other DMARDS which did not suit you. I attach a link which I hope will be useful

    I am not a medical person and would advise you to check out any medication with your GP and pharmacist, I do however suffer with a sore mouth whilst taking methotrexate and was advised to take folic acid each day except for the day of taking the mtx pills.

    I hope that there are other members of the community who take Apremilast and can share their experiences of this particular drug with you. Meanwhile I hope that you are feeling better today and can browse round the forums for information , support and possible alternative ways of coping whilst living with arthritis,

    Take Care


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