Hello I have secondary osteoarthritis of my knees and right ankle. I've been told from the consultant that I will need to wait 9 years for surgery because I am young.

Has anyone else been told similar, what medication is helping you cope?

Any advice is greatly appreciated. 😣🙄


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    Welcome @blueberryblue to the online community,

    Thank you for your posts, it is great to see new members supporting others. I see that you have OA in your knees and right ankle but that you have been advised that you are too young for surgery. This is a heavy burden to carry when I expect all you want is to be relieved of some of the pain. Is it possible to ask for a second opinion?

    I attach some links which I hope you will find helpful

    Within the above links there are exercises that are specific to knees and ankles but you may also consider cycling or swimming as alternative sources of exercise that are not as hard on your joints as some other forms. Many members have enjoyed the Lets Move with Leon twelve week course that you can follow

    If you fit into the young people age bracket of under 25 then we could put you in touch with others who are also living with arthritis.

    Do keep in touch

    Take Care


    If it would be helpful to talk to someone ring the Helpline 0800 5200 520

    Monday - Friday 9.00a.m. - 6.00p.m.

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    My baby sister has stage 4 of the knee and has been told she has to wait until she is 67 for a replacement, she is 59 now and was told this a few years ago. She wears a custom made knee brace sorted out by her consultant.

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    Hello, haven't been on the forum for some time. I had my right knee replaced when I was 53 at the ROH in Birmingham. My other knee is dreadful now (sadly worse than the right ever was) had a hosp appt abt 6wks ago & have been put on the waiting list for a replacement. The list is approximately one year just now. I'm really anxious about the situation and don't know how I'm going to cope.

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    Hi @Biyadhoo - just thought I'd send some sympathy and best wishes your way!

    It's really hard when you've been told you've basically got to cop with the pain for a long or indeterminate amount of time. It's really important to look after yourself and be aware of your mental welfare at a time like this. We have some tips for dealing with your pain, but personally I hope you keep on top of your mental welfare. You can get mental health help through your GP, which I'd highly advise you talk to them about, and be gentle with yourself as you go.

    Do get in touch if you need anything. Our helpline team is available on the phone if you need someone to talk to.

    Best wishes!


  • I'm Bee I am 33 and I am really badly struggling with the pains in my knees and ankles. I was diagnosed at 5 with junior arthritis at 16 I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis of the knees mostly my right knee and right ankle. I have recently been put on 300mg Gabapentin and I have 30x500mg Co-codamol and recently found it from a blood test that I am anaemic (low iron).

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    I too was told I was too young for surgery at age 56, I argued that I shouldn't have to be near enough paralysed before the NHS would act and as I've many more years left to live, it would make more sense to operate now instead of waiting until I'm of an age where it won't noticeably improve my quality of life.

    The consultant I said that to didn't agree so I asked for a second opinion and not only did that consultant agree with me but my case was fast-tracked and I'm due to have the first of 2 TKRs in October and that's after having that 1st consultation in April.

    What many patients don't know is that health professionals don't all think as one, so if you're not getting the help you believe you should, get a second opinion or raise a formal complaint. It may not always work of course ( I was invited to leave my GP surgery after complaining about my GP for example), but there's nothing to lose as far as I'm concerned.