Finally diagnosed, spinal osteoarthritis


Hi there, 14 years ago I had reconstructive surgery on my lower spine and I'm the proud owner of 2 titanium discs. Still had aches and pain but have lived a fairly healthy lifestyle active in family and work life.

8 weeks ago my back went into spasm while at work, I trapped a nerve and lost strength on my left side. After tests, scans, waiting period. I was told I have wear and tear from L3 downwards to my coccyx. I asked what does that mean and its osteoarthritis. I'm not surprised and ok with knowing what it is, but does leave me with alot of lifestyle questions and changes,the biggest being work. .I currently depend on crutches outside the house and have had occupational therapy in to start adjustments to the house. I'm on so much medication, I'm quickly exhausted and feel like I'm living in a vicious circle. Has anyone experienced similar please?