Anxiety about medication not working

Hi everyone, it's early morning and I've got bad pain in me left hand meaning that I cannot straighten my forefinger. The pain seems to be in the finger and palm of my hand. This is now the fifth morning where this has happened. It does seem to settle a bit as the day goes on. I've been taking naproxen twice a day 250 mg. Could take another one but concerned about my stomach. Been on hydroxychloraquine for about 3 weeks and I know that this takes time to work but I wondered if anyone else worries that the long term medication might not work?. It's times like this when I'm in pain that I get this anxious thought.


  • Mike1
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    I have tried every med for OA over the years and am now on Morphine, NOTHING gets rid of the pain merely knocks the edge off. Ask your GP for a referral to your local Pain Clinic, they have more experience and may be able to suggest different meds or treatments.

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    As you realise, these meds can take a while to kick in but rest assured there are plenty more DMARDS available if hydroxy doesn't work for you. I take that plus methotrexate. Meanwhile, ask your GP for a stomach protecting med while you're on naproxen, always take it with food and don't be afraid to take the full prescribed dose.

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    Thank you both for your suggestions. Great to have your support . X