Do you do the same knee exercises in winter as you do in summer and how do cope with knee pain

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A bit of a funny question do you do the same knee exercises in winter as you do in summer and how do you cope with knee pain in winter


  • Hi @Blueskyday68

    I suppose the answer to this will be different for everyone but personally I try to maintain the same physical activity that I would normally do indoors, and limit the amount of walks I do outdoors- only because I tend to walk for miles in the cold then regret it afterwards! As most of us do, I struggle more in the winter so find myself needing more recovery time afterwards. What does everyone else think?

    It depends on your own capabilities too (of course) but I would say just don't cut all exercise out altogether.


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    You seem very anxious about your knee(s). Would it help to call the Versus Arthritis Helpline for a chat about this?

    Here are the knee exercises which are prescribed

    I've always done them regardless of time of year, building from 2-3 repetitions several times per day to about 15 repetitions once every other day. I enjoy the days off and come back renewed in enthusiasm. I might do a few extra if things are hurting but gently.

    I think the best way to deal with arthritis anywhere is to exercise regularly, distract oneself from the pain by whatever means helps - reading, doing puzzles, watching a favourite TV programme etc - keeping the weight down with a healthy diet, not smoking. Heat pads or ice packs - whichever helps. Maybe a warm bath or shower.

    There's no cure but equally no need to let it define us. it's only a bit of us.

    If you're anxious about winter, I hope it goes well for you.

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