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I’m new to this group and was looking for support. I’ve been struggling on and off for a couple of years now with wrist pain and put it down to carpal tunnel. Then I got pain in my fingers and thought it was linked to my wrists. Then knee pain and thought I must have done something else. This week things have really come to a head with everything coming at once. Really struggling to cope and finally spoke with my GP today who suggested this could be arthritis and flares. Have a proper appointment next week and she will start testing but having looked into signs and symptoms I now realise I have been dismissing other symptoms too. This pain really is something else and not being able to sleep just makes everything harder. ☹️


  • Hi @Kfrancis0302 and welcome to the online community!

    I can see that you've been having a bit of a rough time of it but hopefully your appointment will be helpful and start moving things forward for you. It really isn't easy when you lose sleep through pain and discomfort but try to take a bit of time out for yourself where you can to just relax, even if it's not necessarily catching up on some sleep, and this might help you.

    We have some link here to some things that you could try to help with the pain in your wrists and knee until you get to your GP:

    The links also talk about seeing the GP and possible causes for your pain and discomfort. I'm glad that you have joined us and you have certainly come to the right place! Please keep talking to us, we're a friendly bunch with a wealth of experiences who are always ready to listen and help out where we can!


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    Make sure that you write all of your symptoms down so that you do not forget anything in the GP appointment.

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    Thank you! Yes I will do. Otherwise you get so used to living with something and brushing it off you forget about it when you get to the doctors.