Best supplements?

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Where is the "authoritive report" on supplements vs arth. mentions?

The most highly recommended (,, webmd, a bit ncbi) for OA are

BOSWELLIA SERRATA (5000MG) 365 Tablets, by vytox, £20

UC II Standardised Collagen (100mg) 365 Capsules £60

French Maritime Pine Bark 150mg Super Strength, 365 Capsules,

nuunutrion, simply supplements and eco-vits also cheap.

SAMe PipingRock in USA 60 for £23

My Mum had OA badly, but I do not if my slight joint pain at the age of 48 in elbows, knees and hands is OA. Blood shows no RA.

I have not noticed a difference after a year of a cocktail of 8 supplements inc. the above, but maybe they are just keeping it at bay. Perhaps more exercise was/is the best thing I could have done.