Hello everyone!

Hello, my name is Ferren, my mother has had arthritis in her knees (both) for about 5 years and also in her shoulder (recently) I’m not too sure where to go for help for her.

at first she was embarrassed to tell her family and now she can’t hide it she just lives with it.

i feel like she is still embarrassed to go anywhere for help especially as she is a larger lady and has to look after a 5 yr old due to circumstances.

my mom is in her 50’s and I have grown concern about her well-being for the future as she don’t have any plans to go see a specialist.

could anyone guide me on what I should do to help? And if I can get her any pain relief or speak to someone to maybe help her?

all your advice would be much appreciated , thank you.


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    Hi @FerrenF  

    Welcome to the Versus Arthritis forum. 

    I see that you have joined with a view to identifying how you might help your mother with her arthritis issues. You have concerns about her future well being and seek some advice on how you might proceed in helping her. 

    Well this forum is a very good place to start. The first thing I would say is that millions of people in the UK suffer with arthritis, it’s a very common condition so there should be no stigma or embarrassment involved in your mother acknowledging that she is affected.  

    As a first step perhaps you could suggest to your mother that she browses our website  with a view to gaining a better understanding of her condition and what help there is available including pain relief


    Here is a specific link for arthritis in the knees that should be useful:

     In order to best manage the condition it’s key to get expert advice, starting with making an appointment with her doctor. He/she will be able to conduct a diagnosis leading to appropriate action such as pain management or perhaps seeing a specialist. 

    Finally, it would no doubt help your mother if she were to join this forum where she will realise that there are many, many people in a similar situation to her own who can offer her advice based upon their own experiences. 

    I hope the above is useful and that you are successful in helping your mother move forward positively. 

    Best Wishes

    ChrisB (Moderator)

  • FerrenF
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    Thank you very much for your advice, I will advise her and set up and account for her.

    thank you for your time :)