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Hi my name is John Howlett l am prescribed arcoxia 120ml l have been taking them for a few days. The pain is reducing but what l need to know is what painkiller is it also is it a high dose to start on? My D.O.B is 09/10/1977. I was told l have arthritis in my knee and had water retention also my knee cartilage is wearing away. Am l on the right medication and is it safe?

Thanks for your help, stay well and healthy

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    Hi John (@Justjohn333 ) a warm welcome to the Versus Arthritis online community.

    Reading your post I see you have Arthritis in your right knee fluid and worn cartilage. Your Dr (GP? has prescribed Arcoxia, (Etoricoxib) 120mg daily and you have some queries about it.

    As a moderator I am not able to give a medical opinion, but I can give you information about pain relief:

    If you scroll down on the left hand side you will see a section entitled Non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs (of which Arcoxia is one).

    You will also have been given a leaflet in with your medication which should indicate dosage for the condition you have.

    It certainly sounds as tough it is beginning to help, but if you have any doubts you can always ask your pharmacist for an opinion.

    In the meantime I will leave our members to give you their experience.

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    Hello @Justjohn333

    Nice to meet you John.

    I take Arcoxia and it really helps me - main problem I get is mouth ulcers after taking it for a few days. I only ever take it for relatively short periods of time as few days as possible.

    It is one of those meds you only take for the minimum amount of time I just got my leaflet out and it says 120mg is for gout for a maximum of 8 days. Is that what has worried you?

    If you have any concerns at all I would contact your pharmacist or GP if it's easy (not these days in my area anyway!) and see what they advise.

    Take care