Fed up

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Hello 70 years old waiting for a consultant, seen one had mri scan they have found ‘something’ no idea what still waiting for a different Consultant. Every day in pain.


  • Hi @Jillsewing

    Welcome to the online community! Hopefully you will have the results of your MRI soon but in the meantime keep chatting to us! You're in the right place for a good old chingwag about everything and everything. Sorry to hear that you are in pain every day, this is something that many of us here can relate to and rest assured that you are not alone. Is there a specific area that is mostly affected by the pain? We may be able to offer some further targetted advice for you.

    Lovely to meet you!

    Take care,


  • Tracey2688

    I’m sorry you’re in pain Jill. Sending you hugs. 🫂