Generally feeling unwell


Hi everyone

Hope you're all doing OK?

I just wondered how many of you with rheumatoid arthritis suffer from generally feeling unwell as part of their symptoms?

I regularly feel headachy, run down, hot and cold when my joints are sore and it almost seems to be like a guessing game of 'is it RA or is it Covid' lately? I felt so unwell today that I did a lateral flow test just to be sure I didn't have covid (it was negative).

There's so much more to this than just joint pain and it does get me down sometimes just how poorly it makes me feel


  • Hi @AmyAcorn

    It's lovely to meet you and I'm so glad that you've posted this. I completely get the unpleasant game of 'RA or Covid' that we play at the minute- nobody can cough or blow their nose without getting paranoid!

    You're right in saying that there's much more to RA than just joint pain- speaking from first hand experience. I often feel unwell and sometimes just can't pin point what the problem is. I find that it affects my muscles, temperature, my mood, I get headaches, ridiculously tire for no reason're not alone.

    It's a tough condition to manage but we are all here to listen, share and help. Some of these links to our information might be of interest to you:

    I hope some of these are useful to you for now, but please do keep in touch with us all on the community. There are always people ready to listen and help you!

    Take care,


  • AmyAcorn
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    Thankyou so much for your response Sarah, it makes a massive difference knowing that people understand how you feel and that people care and want to listen and be supportive x