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I am a London Tour Guide - so I need to walk. I was busy taking groups around until three weeks ago - when 'suddenly' i could hardly walk! I'd been going to an Osteopath as I thought it was muscular aches and pains - but eventually the osteopath told me there could be something more serious and I should get an X-Ray.(Probably when I could hardly walk up the stairs to his consulting room) I contacted my GP on "patient access' but never got a reply - so I called 111 and the 111 doctor called me back. He confirmed that I needed an x-ray - but when I called the GP surgery I was offered a telephone appointment in four weeks time - so, I went to the walk in centre at my local hospital. I know we are not supposed to - but by then I was almost crawling on the floor! Got an x-Ray and was told I have arthritis in the hip. That was a shock! But anyway - Ive an appointment with the physio and have meds - and I am determined to do the best I can. I'm afraid my tour guiding days are over though!!


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    Hi @martin170

    Welcome to the online community,you are in the right place to talk to others on our forums about your arthritis journey.

    You say that you have been told you have arthritis in the hip by a medic in the walk on centre as you couldnt get an appointment with your GP for 4 weeks and as you were in pain and finding it hard to walk you had to do something.

    I do hope that the Physio and medication gives you the help you need.Below is a link that may help also.

    Hope all goes well please keep in touch and tell us how you get on.

    All the best Christine

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