Hiya - what work do you do?

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Hi, I know there are many, many of us that are struggling with OA far more than I am, but I am after some advice if you would be so kind.

Due to worsening OA in my hands, I am going to have to give up my work as a domestic cleaner in the next year or so, depending on the deterioration. What work does everyone do, given that government pronounce so many of us fit to work, even though most are just in too much pain?

Any suggestions welcome. :)


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    Hi @Bella21 and a belated welcome to the Online Community.

    I understand you may have to give up your current employment as an outcome of worsening osteoarthritis in your hands.

    You may like to talk to your employer first about the provisions needed to minimise the risk to your health from any tasks you are required to perform as required by health & safety regulation. There are quite a number of things an employer has to do to help support you in work that may make things easier.

    You can read about this and more on our dedicated Work page on our web site:

    Do let us know how you get on and do join in across the Community, you will be most welcome.

    All best wishes


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    Hi Bella!

    I personally volunteer from home. I also keep up with my own housework and gardening. I can still work on a computer, so office work has been good for me - I do accounts mostly myself, but I'd imagine most office work is similar. Might be harder given you have OA in your hands tho - mine is in my knees so I have to look out for excessive walking, especially steps or slopes.

    Have you looked into getting software (lots are free if you have a computer) which allows you to dictate what to write? That may help with moving to an office job, especially if you already know the software.

    Jobs which don't use your hands too much seems difficult. Maybe school assistant (like a dinner lady or similar if they still exist) or exam invigilator. Call center person, where you're talking on the phone, would work. Receptionist might work.

    If you're happy driving you could do well being a delivery driver or even learning to drive a big lorry. Although that's dependant on how you could cope with the physical aspect of that!

    Hope this helps!

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    Hi i used to work for the NHS in busy hospital but due to the pain of severe OA and having ,restricted mobility,and unable to walk up downstairs i had to leave my job over two years ago.

    Since then my mobility has deteriated and the OA progressed to a stage where it had damaged my joints in my knees,and i have had to have both knees replaced since January this year.Im 12 weeks post op from a left knee replacement.Im still getting alot of pain especially at night and my physio is working with me to build up the strenght in my muscles,as at the moment i cannot stand for long periods or walk round shops for hours,without being in pain.

    My physio says it could take up to 12-18 months to fully recover from my surgery,and having had two major surgerys within 6 months,has taken a serious toll on my body and mental health.

    Ive just joined my local leisure centre and have been going swimming few times a week to try and get my fitness levels up and strenghten my muscles in my legs.

    At this moment in time im not fit to return to the job i did,as it was too physically demanding and because of my new joints which come with a shelf life,i dont want to return to my previous career,and have to go through all the pain again and wear out the implants.

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    Hi I feel 4 you Jules I’m going through same also have Osteoarthritis & fibromyalgia & spinal stenosis the Tole it takes on our mental health is exhausting I have had both knees replaced & hip & awaiting to have my left knee replaced again for 3rd time as it has corrosion on it and bone is crumbling on inside of my knee plus I’m on waiting list for spinal fusion I’m just so looking forward hopefully for this pain from my spine to go away it is driving me bonkers hope you feel better soon 🤗

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    Thankyou still having issues with my left knee replacement but physio say it will take 12-18 months to fully recover from both surgerys ,it certainly is a long haul of a recovery and i havent been signed off as of yet from the spire hospital