Hello I've recently been diagnosed with arthritis in my spine.

I have an appointment next month for physio but I'm struggling to find suitable pain medication for severe pain. It's so bad I can hardly function in any sort of normal life.

I have tried Dihydrocode but I became very constipated on it so my GP changed me onto Naproxen which didn't even touch the pain. Then I was advised to add Co codamol at the same time which was fantastic in controlling the pain, unfortunately though my stomach then became terribly bloated with bad stomach cramps at times. Now I have been advised to take the naproxen with 8 paracetamols a day, this is also has little affect on the pain.

I have also been trying CBD oil but not sure it has any effect 😞.

I'm also trying a few gentle back excercises.

I feel really depressed as I've had to give up work and I even find it hard to socialise now due to the pain.


  • PeterJ
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    Hello @Lizzie386 and welcome to the community. We are a friendly and supportive group and I hope that that will be your experience as well.

    I understand that you have arthritis in your spine and that you have been having trouble with medication. I see that you found naproxen and co-codamol helped but had side-effects. Have you been back to your GP? They may be able to prescribe something to help calm your stomach. I realise this may be yet another tablet but worth exploring if it helps the pain.

    In the meantime have a look around our website and I would also recommend the search function. To help you I've put a couple of links below.

    You say that you are feeling depressed so have a look at:

    Please do keep posting, you are not alone and there are others on this community who I am sure will connect with you and share their experiences. We also have a Helpline if you need any help and advice

    With very best wishes

    Peter (moderator)

  • Mike1
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    Hi, you need to ask your GP to refer you to your local Pain Clinic as they have the experience necessary to try different meds and other procedures which may help you. Having suffered with widespread OA for over 15 years including my spine and having tried every drug I can say that nothing totally gets rid of the pain, merely knocks the edge off, even morphine which I have been on now for about 8 years. I too have tried CBD and had no effect from it whatsoever, mind you I am that desperate to negate the pain I will try everything that may help. In line with many other sufferers on here I can only recommend distraction techniques to take your mind off the pain, all that means is doing something that you enjoy and that you can do; this could be watching TV, knitting, reading, or in my case making models - see photos that I put on Vals Cafe yesterday. Hope you find some relief soon.

  • LizS
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    I wonder if anybody has tried acupuncture for pain control? I haven’t used it for my arthritis, but I had it for a very painful frozen shoulder a few years ago, and despite being a total sceptic was surprised with the relief it gave. Might be worth a try if the drugs are not working.

  • Mike1
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    I spent £600 on a course of acupuncture for my OA a couple of years ago and got no positive benefit from it whatsoever!

  • I was thinking about acupuncture and was too sceptical about it. I don’t think I will do it, heard too many negative things about it but I’ve always been a person who tries anything once

  • Lizzie386
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    Thank you for your replies, I will be going back to my GP and will definitely ask about pain clinic.

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