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Hi, I'm Mike, almost 55, I was diagnosed with OA in march 2012, mainly on my right side of my body, wrist, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle. I don't get that much pain, occasionally my knee swells to twice it's normal size! But recently my hip is getting a bruise on it just at the top of the joint, slightly painful, but doesn't stop me from doing anything. It lasts for about 2 weeks, and that's it. I get them about every 3 months, mentioned it to my Dr, and was told that if it's not affecting my movement then nothing to worry about. Is this normal??


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    Hi @Mike66

    Great to hear from you, welcome to the online community! You have fairly longstanding osteoarthritis, mainly on one side of the body and usually not much of a bother. Now you have an odd bruise which comes and goes and you would like to know if this is normal behaviour.

    I too have OA, mine is also widespread, but I cannot link mine with bruising - although I do often get bruises and often don't remember doing anything to cause them, I'm sure it's more likely that the pain of the knock hasn't been registered. Are you sure you haven't done anything that just might lead to it?

    I'm linking you to some information on OA

    but I think it will be other members who will be able to help you the most.

    While you are here have a look around and see if you can help anyone with advice or give support, it means such a lot.

    Take care