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Hi recently diagnosed with oa of the spine,I also have a vitd deficiency and struggle with chronic fatigue syndrome.been experiencing severe pain from my lower back up my spine into my neck across my shoulder and down my left arm with severe muscle pain in my left arm causing muscle weakness swelling in my right knee and hip pain .having no sleep as pain wakes me .am on opioids for pain and there doing nothing.getting no support from gp.feel so isolated and struggling with constant severe pain.any advice on best vitamins and massage oils anything that might help.not getting any relief at all from pain.please a 50 year old woman .


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    Hi @Traceyello

    Welcome to the Online Community, it's great to meet you.

    You have been diagnosed with OA in the spine and already have chronic fatigue and a vitamin deficiency. You have pains in all your spine, shoulder and arm as well as in your knee and hip too.

    It is not unusual to have osteoarthritis in the spine, I'm liking you to our information on this

    It's very comprehensive and shows that the other pains you have apart from your spine could be caused by it. This is called referred pain. Managing pain is helpful too

    Chronic fatigue is very common with arthritis of any kind, we all know how this feels, and we are here for you, you might find relief from just being open and getting all those worries, frustrations and such out there. We don't mind long posts and some of us have found telling someone and being understood can be so brilliant like we have shared a load and someone understands.

    There is no special diet or such that will help you, however if you are depressed that can be helped with medication and indeed one medication is suggested for muscle relaxation as well.

    I don't know about your vitamin deficiency but either your GP or chemist would be able to help you put that right, do remember to share details of all your meds in case there are any interactions that aren't good for us.

    We are here for you, take care

    Yvonne x