I am trying to claim a higher PIP payment due to my situation changing has anybody else done this did it go well

Also had my new medication come today Filigotinib has anybody else been prescribed this



  • Jona
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    Hi Peoni,

    They say by law you have to report any changes a friend of mine did and it’s been a year and she’s still waiting it went to a tribunal but but they could not agree so had to go to tribunal again with different judges beggars belief contact welfare rights group to help I believe they’re inundated with requests though

    take care

  • Mike1
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    If you are claiming the higher rate due to a change you will have to go through another assessment, make sure that you have all necessary documentary evidence ready such as medical reports, OT reports and so forth dated since you were granted PIP initially. If you get turned down apply immediately for a review and if you have to go to appeal get some help from the CAB or Adult Social Care at your Council. In the latter case get as much information and evidence together as possible, when it happened to me I included photos of things around my home like my wet room with support bars alongside the WC, wheelchairs, monkey bars over the bed, perch stools, kitchen gadgets etc as well as OT reports and even a report from the charity which provided the wheelchair as they assessed me as well etc.

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    Thanks very much