Pineapple..cherry.. celery juice


Does anyone know if pineapple juice. Cherry juice or celery has any anti inflammatory properties. I have seen a receipe in a juice book that said some trials in Texas 1950 worked!!


  • Hi @Kam

    This is something that I'm interested in finding out more about! There is some information here about general diet and arthritis:

    I've just remembered about a book a friend lent me so have gone tunneling for it! It says:

    • Cherries help to mobilize uric acid out of the joints (cherries and cherry juice being especially good for gout). It is advised to eat them regularly, using frozen when not in season.
    • Pineapple contains bromelain, which is highly anti-inflammatory
    • Celery is recommended along with other green vegetables as having anti-inflammatory properties

    I must admit that although I've had this book for a while, I haven't actually gotten round to using it so I can't vouch for these myself. Do let us know if you try any of the above, I'm interested to know the results! Fingers crossed this will be successful for you!


  • stickywicket
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    There are quite a few foods which are supposed to have anti-inflammatory properties. they might help a little if you have OA.

    If you have an inflammatory form of arthritis they might still help a little but will do nothing to dampen down your overactive immune system which is where the problem lies.

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