Irregular menstrual bleeding


Anyone else in a similar position.......I take hydroxychloroquine and baricitinib (which incidentally isn't working so waiting to start Tocilizumab) and I also take the mini-pill. I've noticed that I've started to have breakthrough bleeding (like every 2 weeks) which I've never had before. Rheumy says it's not usually a side-effect of the medication but cervical screening etc is all normal. The bleeding only seems to have started since I went onto this combination of drugs. Any other people that menstruate have any issues like this? Thanks


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    I see that you've been experiencing frequent break-through bleeding while on the mini-pill, but only since you started taking the combination of hydroxychloroquine and baricitinib for (I'm assuming) rheumatoid arthritis. It must be frustrating to feel you don't have an explanation and also having to deal with the bleeding. You also say that the meds aren't working for you and that you're soon to start tocilizumab - perhaps changing drugs will give you an answer? Either way, I hope you find the new treatment more effective for your arthritis.

    Other members may be able to weigh in with personal experiences and advice. For now, you might find this information reassuring:

    Please do keep us updated and continue to enjoy being a part of our Community, it's great to talk.

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    It's good that your cervical screening is clear, but there are other things that could be causing this (that NHS link above is really good). Breakthrough bleeding is one of those "probably nothing, but could be something" symptoms, so you should definitely get it checked out. Speak to your GP in the first instance, they may arrange a scan and/or blood tests. If they don't, keep asking. It may well be the medication combination that's causing it, but on the off-chance that it's not, please don't ignore it and hope it gets better by itself.