When the drugs don't seem to work.....

Hi Everyone,

I have had psoriatic arthritis for just over 2 years now and been on methotrexate for that time and not had any flare ups just the occasional stiff hands. About 2 months ago my left foot started hurting and developed into sausage toe and swollen foot. Then everywhere else started.. Two painful places on my spine including a locked neck, right elbow, occasional hands. Limping with my swollen foot has also progressed my early ostio arthritis right knee into a painful knee.

So my doctors have given me an anti-inflamatory pill, pain killers and 3 weeks ago a steroid injection. My blood inflammation is high at 66.

None of my symptoms have gotten better.

I know everyone is different but has anyone else had similar non response to drugs? I'm worried this is how it's gonna be for me now.... Thank you


  • stickywicket
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    It's not unusual for us to become tolerant of the meds. Often they need a tweak or something else added to the mix.

    You say your 'docs' have given you NSAIDS, pain relief and a steroid jab. I wonder if this was your rheumatologist or just GPs. Only the rheumatologist can alter the DMARDs. If it was the rheumatologist that you spoke to then perhaps(s)he is hoping it's a blip which the NSAIDS will deal with but, if it's no better, I'd get back to him/her.

    Many of us are on double or even triple therapy.

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    Thank you Stickywicket for your comments. It was my GP giving me the pain meds etc. Have spoken to Rheumatology a couple of times but they can't give me an appt until November. So it looks like I'll be in a holding pattern until then. Take care

  • cola
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