Contraception and MTX



I am being started on methotrexate and need to consider being a bit more responsible about contraception as a result.

My rheumatologist said barrier methods were better because you know if they've failed. I'd rather go belt and braces though.

I had to come off the combined pill due to migraines in the past. I don't want to take anything that risks making periods worse so that's the mini pill out too.

I did the NHS questionnaire online and it suggested mirena coil or implant. Don't really fancy an implant due to amount of hormones in them. So I've sort of settled on the mirena coil.

It's several years since I last sought contraception from medical services and have no idea what to do. Do I just call reception and say I want to discuss contraception? Do I ask for a nurse or doctor? Do I get to just tell them I want a mirena coil? I haven't a clue.

The practice website says book an appointment with a particular GP (who happens to be my GP, but you can't do that at the moment) or the local family planning clinic. But when I look for the local family planning clinic it's all about STDs in under-25s, no mention of adult contraceptive services.

I feel guilty for taking up their time with this. I don't want to waste anyone's time or embarrass myself. Does anyone have any advice? I am in London.


  • DorothyParker

    I guess I'm the only person to have ever needed contraception on MTX then. Thanks anyway.

  • stickywicket
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    I don't think for one moment you're the first person on methotrexate to need contraception but, in all my years on here, I don't think I can remember a similar problem. It's usually that women are worried about coming off meth in order to conceive or they want to know which DMARDS they can take while pregnant. I think the only contraceptive featured was the pill.

    Back in the day, I'd long given up the pill, had our sons and sent Mr SW for the snip before meth was on offer.

    I wish you luck.

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  • Hi @DorothyParker

    I'm sorry that there hasn't been a large response to your post on here before now. I personally do not have any experience that would relate to your query, however I would call your GP and ask to make an appointment to discuss contraception. They will then be able to book you in with the most suitable practitioner and they may also know more about your condition and current treatments than your local family planning clinic. You might also be introduced to some other options that you weren't aware of before.

    I'm not sure how much information you have been given on MTX, so here are some links to our information here on the VA website:

    I hope these are of some use to you, and that you find a suitable contraception.

    Let us know how you get on if you feel comfortable sharing! Keep chatting, we are all here to listen and to help where we can!