Hello from France

Hi everyone,

I’m Karen, 59 this week and I was diagnosed with arthritis in February this year in the base of my spine. I’m now having my knee investigated but since visiting my doctor, my wrist is also causing pain. From being fully fit I now feel that life is only heading one way and on some days definitely feel down.

I know I’m luck to live in west France and have a swimming pool so that’s a good form of exercise for keeping me mobile but it isn’t helping with the pain. I do some yoga, walk into my village for bread or a glass of wine (it is France). All of this will hopefully keep me mobile but I also have allergic asthma so can’t take anti-inflammatory drugs. I’m probably looking for a magic elixir but what can I do about pain, especially at night

I think I need to talk more to my doctor about type of arthritis and pain management

its good to hear everyone’s stories and advice


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    Hi @Karen85 a very warm welcome to the Versus Arthritis Online Community.

    I see you were diagnosed with Arthritis in your lower back in February this year and live in France. Lovely to have your own pool I am sure that will help keep you active.

    This is some information which you might find helpful:

    I also understand you are worried about one or two new areas which have become painful now and I think are planning to discuss this with your GP.

    This is a useful article about tests done here in the UK:

    I'll leave you now to meet our members and hope you find the site useful.

    Best wishes


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    Hi @Karen85

    I love France and go over every year (Except this and last year so far though😕) We stay in Gironde if that's anywhere near you.

    We nearly moved out permanently but when my youngest got leukaemia it put me off reason being health issues and being able to communicate with Drs out there. So how is it for you? The system is definitely a good one I think so my friends tell me who live out there. They get tests easier than we seem to.

    In your shoes I would definitely be asking for further tests in case you have a different type of Arthritis to Osteoarthritis, make notes about what your symptoms are to take with you.

    Tell the Dr how you struggle at night - some meds are slow release and will last overnight and some 'antidepressants' can also relax our muscles overnight so that we sleep better.

    Take care now