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My name is Steve and I live in Leatherhead Surrey. I have been suffering from Osteoarthritis in my right knee for about 7 years now. Also I was diagnosed with ACJ Osteoarthritis and osteophyte in my left shoulder in April 2021

I have had physio on my shoulder with no luck and had my last session on the 27th August. I have now been referred to the Clinical assessment team at my local hospital and just waiting for the the appointment. I chased them up yesterday and I should hear back from them by the middle to the end of October 2021.

I have been to the A&E department quite a few times due to the extreme pain that I am suffering from and now on oral Morphine as I am unable to swallow any type of tablets or capsules.


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    Hello @Steve065

    Welcome to the group from me.

    Shoulders can be miserable can't they? Mine hurts only when I have an inflammatory arthritis flare up, but my youngest daughter had to have her shoulder joint replaced a few years ago when she was 19. Life was dreadful for her leading up to the surgery.

    Have you had a steroid injection into it at all? I have a friend who has hers injected and it helps her a lot. My daughter's was too far gone as it had collapsed. Another friend had hers operated on she described it as tidied up osteophytes removed I think.

    Hope it's not too long before you see anyone.

    Take care