New member - osteoarthritis in right hip, hip replaced 3 weeks ago

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Hello, I am new to the site. I joined having seen the distressing Panorama programme last night, which made me aware of the charity for the first time. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis recently and had a total hip replacement 3 weeks ago. I have written a more detailed write up of that in the living with arthritis section.

As someone who swims, works out, was running until recently, I found the deterioration in my hip difficult. It went almost overnight from something I could manage through exercise, to something that was affecting my life. It has been sad to let go of things I love doing, and sad to see the knock on effect on my husband, who doesn’t always go and do things without me. Perhaps the only positive thing is it has coincided with the lockdowns, so we haven’t really missed out on travel

I am hopeful the surgery will enable us to return to many of the things we enjoy, and that we will be able to travel again as travel opens up. Early signs are the operation has gone well.