PsA and biologics/cancer

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Morning. Just signed up. I have had Psoriatic Arthritis for 20 years. Also Fibro and bowel trouble. Three years ago I was on Humira. I went to A&E with pains in my chest. Next thing I knew I was sent for CT Scan and after exhaustive tests was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. (I do not smoke never have). My Rheumatologist stopped the Humira immediately. Which makes me wonder if the biologic drugs can cause cancer. I had half my lung removed and being monitored as two shadows in the other lung. I am in so much pain with the arthritis and all they will offer is sulfazalazine. It does nothing for me. My oncologist suggested I start back on Humira to help my pain etc. When I told my GP and Rheumatologist they said no. I do not want this cancer to spread. I take painkillers which are ok but not great. What would you do in my position ??


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    Hello, @ronnie57 and welcome to the community. I see that to top your 20 years of PSA, you have now been diagnosed with lung cancer and having been taken off medication that presumably helped you are now in great pain.

    In these circumstances, I suggest you contact our helpline who have access to more sources of information than I.


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    You are in a difficult situation. No doubt about that. If one reads carefully the notes that come with very many meds of all kinds, there is often an increased risk of cancer but, if the risk were high, the meds would not be approved.

    The sulfasalazine is prescribed to hold back your PsA. This will, probably, make the pain less. It won't eliminate it.

    There is an article in The Lancet (2020) saying anti-tnfs don't increase the risk of cancer in cancer survivors ( BUT, do bear in mind that everyone is different, all our bodies are different and you may well have other problems which would make you more at risk than most.

    In your situation I'd try to get my rheumatologist and oncologist to talk to each other (if they haven't already done so). You may have to decide between a high risk of more cancer or worsening PsA and explain your choice to them. That would be a tough call and I wouldn't envy you.

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