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So I have my meeting at Jobcentre yesterday very nice man similar age to me (nearly 62) advised me to get my next sick note because there is a backlog with the questionnaires' you have to fill in for Universal Credit explaining how my condition affects my daily life. I sent mine off last week as you are told if you don't you will lose some of your money.. I have three weeks booked in November working as teaching assistant in the same school I was at before the Summer Holidays. I am very grateful for this, as money is running low and I have still had no notification about my PIP application (yes I know, I have been told by council welfare officer that I have little chance of getting anything) also no news about my Council Tax reduction application. I know how important it is to get out be with people make the effort but there are times now when I really feel like just giving up and throwing the towel in finally admitting to myself that I can't physically do the job as I used to. There is so much I can't do that I used to do without thinking, early retirement here I come. Except I can't do that can I? I can't retire early as I don't have the money to survive for 4 years before I can claim my state pension and the other pensions I have. But bills still have to be paid, so any money I have saved which isn't very much has to go on surviving as long as I can. I feel as if I am experiencing another lockdown as I don't get out much or see other people friends/family all have their own lives and problems I get that. Life just feels like it has stopped, I am stuck in this rut.

To make things even better it has started to rain so I need to get my washing in!!! 😂

Many thanks to all who read this xxxx

Robin59 🙂


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    If you have pensions with previous employers find out if you can draw on them now. When I had to stop work about 9 years ago I approached a previous employer with whom I had a preserved pension and stated that if I was still working for them I would have been medically retired and given my pension, they immediately agreed and set up an assessment with an independent medical firm and my pension has been paid ever since. I was early 50s at the time and receive about £600 a month, not enough to live on but with my PIP and ESA it is. Give it a go, you don't know unless you try.