Scared about having a falir up


Hi everyone I have oa in my knees now with the weather changing Iam scared about having a flair up any advice on how to manage them thanks


  • frogmorton
    frogmorton Member Posts: 29,424

    I was going to say have you read the thread about leggings/thermal socks! I reckon they should help a bit.

    Have you tried the heat patches especially for knees?

    All we can do is our best keep moving and keep warm ((()))

  • airwave
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    Cold weather will not cause a ‘flair’ in your condition. It is generally accepted to be caused by rheumatoid conditions. Cold will cause unpleasant aff3cts (stiffness and aching) for OA patients which will be short lived. Get yer winter drawers out or long johns, not fashionable but effective. 😛😛

    its a grin, honest!