3rd jab


Hello all, I have rheumatoid arthritis & I had AstraZeneca as my original vaccine. On 23rd Sept I was invited for my booster but when I got to the hospital the nurse told me it was a 3rd shot of the Pfizer vaccine & that I would get my booster in 6 months! The Pfizer absolutely floored me for 2 days. I am still waiting now to be called for my Flu jab. I am a biological drug. Does anyone know how soon you can have this treatment after having both of these jabs??


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    Hi @happbthots

    I spoke to our senior Dr at my practise today (lives near me!) he had his third (ie booster) and it was pfizer. he reckoned all boosters are pfizer. That of course could just be in my area, but I am happier with that AZ scares me with that 'risk' of clotting.

    I think your rheumatology team are the best people to speak to about how soon you will be allowed to have your biologic after your vaccines. In your shoes I would be taking advice.

    Would be interested to hear what you are told though if you have time to post?

    Take care