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I have recently been diagnosed with RA where the doctor said i have very high antibodies. It all came as a shock and I didn't take much in after that. I've since done extensive research, I have pain in my wrists and shoulders. My knees hurt for a while but that has fixed itself. The thing that baffles me is that I have absolutely no inflammation. My xrays and ultrasound came back clear of inflammation. I am making an another appointment to discuss but wanted to know if this is a known thing?



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    Hi @Ali2384 - welcome to the online community!

    I see you have a new diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, yet you’re confused as you don’t have any inflammation. You do have pain in your wrists and shoulders, and the pain in your knees has gone away.

    It is completely possible to have rheumatoid arthritis without showing inflammation. While inflammation is common, it’s not the only symptom. There are many people who don’t have lots of inflammation with rheumatoid arthritis. This may be because the condition affects people differently, or that people are in different stages on the condition, but it is both possible and not uncommon.

    We have some information which may be helpful to you here:

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    Hi Ali2384

    Thank you for your posting on the forum. You say that you have just been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and ask if you can have this condition without having any inflammation. I see that Shell has helpfully responded to your posting. Diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis can depend on many factors it is based on your symptoms, a physical examination and the results of x-rays, scans and blood tests. I see Shell has provided a link to our information about rheumatoid arthritis and that includes how it is diagnosed.  It contains some information on antibody tests that are done as part of the diagnosis that may be helpful to you.


    It is not uncommon for a diagnosis to be a shock and for you not to be able to take in much after hearing this. I see that you are to have an appointment to ask questions regarding your diagnosis and your question about inflammation is certainly something you could speak to your health care professional about. I wonder if you have been referred to a rheumatologist for treatment and managing your condition?  I have included a link below to information regarding rheumatologists and their role. It might help to write down questions you want to clarify prior to your appointment so you can take them with you.





    I see that Shell has provided links to information that may help you manage the pain in your shoulder and wrist. As well as our information the organisation NRAS (National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society) also has a lot of information about Rheumatoid Arthritis including symptoms and diagnosis. The link to their website is below.


    You may also find the following general information from other organisations useful. We have no control over the contents of these resources and are unable to guarantee their suitability for you, but we hope they’re helpful:


    NRAS - What is Rheumatoid Arthritis?



    I hope this information is helpful. You are very welcome to call us here on the helpline, if you would like to talk to one of our helpline team. You can call us for free on 0800 5200 520 and we are open Mondays to Fridays, 9am – 6pm.


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    Many thanks for coming back to me. Yes I have been diagnosed by a rheumatologist. I have managed to speak to her since and she has answered my questions. Unfortunately I was prescribed hydroxychloroquine and its causing heart beat issues I have stopped taking it today as was up most of the night with a fast heartbeat. I won't be able to speak to her until Monday earliest. So back to square 1. Hoping to try a different medication other then methomextrate. I'm struggling mentally with what this means for my future. I have 2 small children and I'm concerned I won't be the mum I want to be to them. Its all come as such a shock I feel on the verge of tears constantly. Hope this next meds work better and no side effects. Trying to stay positive but hard. Anyways thanks again for your advise and support. Ali x