Knee arthritis

JenHB Member Posts: 2

Hi, just at the very start of my journey! I am normally a very active 37 year old (do a reasonable amount of running) and a few days after coming back from a cycling holiday one of my knees became quite swollen, and a week ago the other knee decided to join the swollen club (but I don't have any pain) [no previous history of swollen joints and no other joints affected]. I have since had blood tests and was referred to rheumatology - they suspect some sort of inflammatory arthritis. Had fluid drained from the knees (and steroid injections yesterday) which means I am walking easier on the flat. I am awaiting an MRI scan and a follow up appointment. Really just wanting to connect with others in a similar position (or have been in this position) and hopefully reassurance that once I am on treatment I will be able to get back to being active and running again.