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HI I was diagnosed in March and put on hydroxochloroquine and naproxen. After having pains in my calfs I have been taken off them and waiting for script for methotrexate. A bit apprehensive but can only try. Can you take turmeric and curcumin capsule with it



  • Hi @Judyboz123

    Lovely to hear from you! It's frustrating when you're trying to find the right medication for you but you will get there in the end- plenty of us can vouch for that and indeed sympathise!

    Here is a link to our VA information about methotrexate:

    It does say to avoid taking herbal remedies but if you would like further advice or are unsure, I would speak to your GP/ specialist or pharmacist as they may also be able to recommend something that you are able to take alongside the new medication.

    Fingers crossed you will be sorted and well on your way soon!

    Keep chatting to us all though- join in with us wherever you feel comfortable and keep us updated!

    Take care,


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    Hi @Judyboz123

    I always check with my pharmacist he is a hive of information and way more accessible than my GP or rheumatologist.

    Thing is I drink turmeric tea quite often never crossed my mind not to!😮