Right side of body gone out of alignment


I have advanced OA in left hip and bone on bone in my knee. I walk with a severe limp and the whole of my right side has gone out of alignment. My knee is swollen and my leg is longer than my left one. It has also moved much further forward than my left knee. I walk with two sticks but keep tripping over the right one as my foot is now at an angle.

I have been getting physio but it doesn’t seem to help. I’ve been offered an injection in my left knee but I don’t feel it’s going to help ( had before and didn’t help). I’m in a situation that I cannot be referred to a consultant for the left side until I have tried all other options.

I'm wondering if there is anything I can do to help myself as I’m in constant pain, is there a brace I can use to help straighten my right leg etc.

Would be pleased to hear any comments.



  • frogmorton
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    Hi @Pinkorchid

    That sounds very uncomfortable I am so sorry.

    Definitely you will have to try the injections you are right we almost have to go through everything to prove we have tried the more conservative options first.

    A quick google gave me this if it works:

    There is a question about knee braces and it seems NICE do agree with them. Hopefully you can find it. It does suggest speaking to a physio and you are luckily in touch with one so?

    Worth a try?

    Take care

  • Pinkorchid
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    Injections don’t help and won’t help the fact that my leg is much further forward than the other. My feeling is that it’s been caused by losing the padding on the other leg causing me to limp and walk very badly. I feel if had new joints that it would level up a bit but not straighten the worse knee as feel it’s too badly deformed now.