Switching from methotrexate tabs to injection


Hello everyone,

I wonder if anyone here can answer my question about the methotrexate jabs please.

I have Psoriatic arthritis ( newly diagnosed but suspect have had it a while) and have taken Methotrexate for just over 3 months, upped from 15 mg to 20 mg. As i am still having a lot of problems they have decided to try me on the injections. As methotrexate is already in my system how soon would i notice benefit of the injections? I understand everyone is different but i am a bit concerned as i had my jab Monday night and still feel bad. Stiffness, pain, pretty much all over. sleepless nights (also a wierd uncontrollable shivering the other night. I actually woke up hubby my teeth were rattling! That’s a new one on me🙃) .

I suspect i was being too optimistic expecting the clouds to part and hey presto relief!…Maybe it ain’t the drug for me? I am wandering around each day trying to make sense of this all.

Thanks 🙏Sal x


  • Shaphron
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    I'm afraid I don't have any experience of taking Methotrexate myself, but I did do some googling out of interest and found a study which had " improved clinical efficacy with fewer side effects " when Methotrexate was taken as an injection compared to taking it as tablets - which is good news.

    All the information I've found about when it starts to work says it takes a while (up to 12 weeks), which logically would mean that even if it's changing how you take the medication or upping the dosage it may still take some time to affect you.

    I hope it looks up for you soon!

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    @Shaphron Hi 🤗Thank you for taking the time to write, very thoughtful .

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    Hi, @ZiziB as @Shaphron sys, time and patience for the new regime to kick in. I followed your treatment plan, moving to MTX injections from tablets after 6 months. I tolerated the injections the injections fine with good results for 18 months or so, but then began having gut problems so have moved on to sulfasaline and hydroxychloroquine.

    There ar eplenty of treatments to work through.

    Good luck.

  • RavenHairedPixie

    Hey. I’ve recently changed from tabs to the injection. Had my first one last week and honestly never felt so poorly. I am mid flare up and also have tonsillitis so god knows if the injection helped or not but I have had exactly the same symptoms as you after changing. Hope things get better for you soon but totally understand how you are feeling right now x

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    @CCM yes! Patience…my physio told me yesterday it could be up to 6 weeks. I felt a bit more at ease hearing that, it’s the not knowing that bothers me, but maybe that’s something to work on! Hope your new regime works out for you, thanks for writing🙏

    @RavenHairedPixie so sorry to hear you felt so crappy! I would imagine both a flare plus tonsilitis would knock your socks off,especially if you have rough days before and after the treatment. My second jab was better than the first, more towards end of the week ( i take it Mon) I do hope you are feeling a bit better now. Plenty of fluids and rest i hope x