Bad day

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I have osteoarthritis in my lower back L5S1 . I had never suffered back pain for more than a couple of days. In 2017 I got shingles on my lower back. I recovered and started with lower back pain in Jan 2018 - I was 52. It continued to get worse. After having back pain for over a year and many trips to the doctors I was finally referred for MRI scan and was devastated to learn I had Osteoarthritis. The only suggestion the doctor made was “some physio” . Which hadn’t made a difference so far. After complaining I was referred to a back physio specialist who “gave me some life back” Most days I can manage without painkillers, although I need them every night. Today I have had painkillers through the day and heat pads and slept a bit. Hopefully tomorrow will be back to normal. Which is pain when I get up but usually not too bad when I’ve got going.