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I posted a few days ago regarding recent diagnosis of RA. I was prescribed Hydroxychloroquine however after 4 days this has given me a very high heart rate and pounding. I have stopped this but would like to know if anyone had any luck or experience with Sulfasalazine as when my rheumatologist is available next week I would like to request this as my next option.

Thanks Ali


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    Hi @Ali2384

    Sorry for the delay in answering your post. When you would like a reply from other people living with arthritis, the best forum will be within the section - Live with arthritis (then within that) - Living with arthritis

    Living with arthritis — Versus Arthritis

    I do appreciate that if you've not tolerated a treatment, trying something else may be associated with some concern. Rheumatology need to work through drugs somewhat systematically, and they often see people who may not be able to use one drug, being fine on subsequent drugs.

    Everyone is different, so you will always find both; people who did, and people who did not, get on with any drug you when you ask that question. And their answer will still leave the question that you won't know your own reaction.

    Sulfasalazine | Side-effects, uses, time to work (

    Sorry to leave you with that uncertainty, but all the best

    Guy - Helpline Team