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I am new year. I joining this forum to learn about pain management on behalf of mom who has arthritis at the hip (inner leg) it appears. She is having intense pain and it’s impacting her ability to walk.




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    Hello @4mom - welcome to the online community!

    I see you are on here to help learn about arthritis for your mum who has been diagnosed with arthritis in her hip. It's a really good thing you're doing for her, as learning about a condition can really help, and it can be a real struggle when you've first been diagnosed to find out useful information.

    Do take a look at the information on this page - I'd especially look at the section called "Managing osteoarthritis of the hip". It's got some really useful ideas and information in it. One of the main things your mum can do to help herself is to find some exercises which she can do which will strengthen her hip muscles. Doing this has the best results for long-term mobility, and it can also reduce pain by strengthening the muscles around the painful joint, which then removes some of the strain from the bones. Do make sure your mum knows that when she's exercising if it hurts a lot she should stop. With arthritis you don't want to exercise in pain. She needs to start small and work her way up. Exercise in water - swimming or aqua aerobics - is sometimes the best place to start as it removes a lot of the strain off the joints.

    We also had another person join today (@db10) who is a carer for their family with arthritis - you may want to have a look at their first post and reply to it as the information for carers is similar.

    Do look around the rest of the community and feel free to ask any questions you want. We're a very friendly group and we're here to help you as much as we can.

    Lovely to meet you!