Hello - I'm waiting for bilateral knee replacement

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Hi there, I'm Liz, 54, and waiting for bilateral knee replacement. I'm really hoping I can get partial knee replacement, but in truth I'm kind of terrified of having both knees done at once as I have no idea how I'll cope afterwards. If there's anyone out there who has had both knees done at once - either partial or total - I'd love to hear how it went! Thanks


  • Hi @lizmo

    It's great to hear from you! I see that you're waiting for a bilateral knee replacement and are looking for others to share their experiences. I don't have any experience here personally, although I was told I need my left knee replacing but am not a priority yet due to my age (spring chicken at 33 although I don't feel like it ha ha)

    The following link provides lots of information about knee replacements and how you can prepare for the surgery beforehand, and looking after yourself during recovery:

    This link also has some helpful tips and further links for anyone having knee replacement:

    I hope that these are of use to you, but I know that there are plenty of members here who have also had a similary experience and they may be willing to share!

    Please keep chatting to us and let us know how you get along!

    Take care for now!


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    @Helenbothknees had both done at once a few years ago. Perhaps the Mods could find her thread. I know she made an excellent and very speedy recovery.

    Mine, also very successful, were done separately.

    Good luck!

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    Hi not been on this site for a long time,but i got diagnosed with bilateral knee Oesteoarthritis severe in both of my knees,and have had to have both of my knees replaced this year.The first was in January and the second in july.My surgeon doesnt do them both together but agreed to do the left knee after he said,id recovered from my right knee replacement.

    I dont think id have been able to cope with having both at once but i believe the recovery isnt any harder than having the one knee done.

    I was on NHS waiting list before covid for my right knee replacement,but due to the pandemic,my local hospital wasnt doing any elective surgery so my GP referred me to the spire hospital under nhs as i was in severe pain,and it was impacting on my quality of life.

    Im happy to answer any questions you may have have in relation to knee replacement surgery .

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    I walked parkrun with a lady last week who had had both knees replaced in August. They didn’t do them at the same time - they did the most damaged one first, then the second 7 days later, both under local anaesthetic plus sedative, with an overnight hospital stay for each. She was 33 and otherwise very fit but with a rheumatoid condition, she had bern running marathons until a few months before. She had found it tough but manageable.

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    Hi @lizmo

    here is @Helenbothknees thread from 2012:

    Hope it helps you prepare Helen was pretty amazing to be fair it would be really good if you blogged your experience as and when it happens too so us oldies (@stickywicket and me) can link it for future people like yourself.

    Best of luck