Arthritis inflammation.

Hi there everyone, I'm in that wonderful minority who suffer with erosive arthritis. To present day I currently have both little fingers dislocated and another finger which points 45degrees to the side. As I have other problems and intollerences with pain meds, I have been searching for anything that will ease the pain without me throwing up or itching!. My doc put me on Tramadol, however can only take one at a time otherwise I'm sick. In the past I have tried various treatments, CBD oil being one of them. If you've ever tried it, you will know just what a horrible sensation this is in your mouth and the lingering aftertaste it leaves. Myself I'm an avid coffee drinker and never up n around without my daily 3pints. My husband spotted CBD infused coffee whilst ordering my usual Skull Crusher and decided to order this for me, as a result I've experimented and found it to be beneficial, so much so that I've now ditched the tramadol for really bad days. Since my experiment has started I have found that by day two, the usual red inflammation around my joints has disappeared as has a lot of the pain to. I still get a few shooting pains and the joints themselves still hurt but it's now only a background ache usually when I'm trying to grip something really hard.

Thought I would pass this info on as it may help someone else. Please be aware that this coffee is not cheap, for those on a limited budget but it is so worth it. Perhaps the combination of extra caffeine and the CBD together help to push it round your system quicker, who knows, it seems to work for me. Interested to hear your thoughts on this x


  • Jona
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    Hi @Awesomeanji ,

    I’m like you I’ve tried nearly every medication going and tramadol just make me feel dizzy and sick I now only save it for the days I just can’t stand it any longer although I do use my tens machines quite a lot may I ask where I could purchase the cbd infused coffee as I’d like to try it as I do love my coffee

    take care

    Jona 😊

  • airwave
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    Oh how we differ , Tramadol is the one that doesn’t give ne side affects when I do reach for them. Caffeine on the other hand irritates the bladder so maximum of 2-3 cups a week of coffee is all I allow myself. Oh to have that 0-60 coffee (secs between stomach and brain) mmmmm!

    it’s a grin, honest!