Ulcers under the foot


I have been plagued by tender feet for as long as I remember and problems with shoes. Now aged 74, I'm told that the bones of the feet flatten, exacerbated by my Rheumatoid Arthritis. Every so often this results in very painful small ulcers, as the cushion under the balls of the feet is lost. I have an appointment pending for new orthotic insoles. But I long for soft soled shoes, any recommendations please? At present, in desperation, I'm in Sketchers, but of course they offer no support. Will greatly appreciate any response.


  • airwave
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    Do you mean a pad of fluid under an inflamed area? I had that for years and after dismissing surgery I was given orthotic soles for my shoes. They were made to support my arches which eventually reduced the inflamed area and reduced the fluid and pain. My toes are very painful and the relief I was feeling doesn’t extend to them. I get one pair of soles a year and my feet have obviously changed so need help when my turn comes around.

    I have one pair of shoes at a time, Shetchers as sold by Pavers, leather trainer type, soft and supportive but firm enough to aid my feet (aided by the above insoles). Change your shoes and you change the way you walk and of course pain will change as well.

    its a grin, honest.