Any help with arthritis pain


Have had arthritis for years, and managed pain for all this time, Have now been told cannot use any anti inflammatory drugs, and so am at my wits end with what to use,

GP has prescribed co codamol trying to use these but they are no where as effective as what I have used for years, any ideas would be grateful I am bedridden for days as cannot walk, and although manage the best I can, its cruel at times


  • Ellen
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    Good Morning @Buncrana

    I see from your post that you have been coping with Arthritis (Osteoarthritis?) for many years with the aid of anti-inflammatory medications. Your GP (?) has told you you cannot use them anymore. This must have come as a real blow as they do help many of us very much. Having said that there are other people here who are unable to take them for various reasons such as asthma or stomach issues.

    Co-codamol is a good painkiller and a lot of our members find it really helpful to manage their pain, but not all medications suit all of us. It might be that you need to go back to your GP and discuss alternatives or referral to a pain clinic is a possibility too as they specialise in just that - pain.

    If you have time do take a look at this information about treatments.

    There are many options which might help you in addition to pain medications:

    In addition I am attaching some information about Osteoarthritis of the knee if you scroll down to 'Managing Osteoarthritis of the knee' there are some very useful tips including the use of aids to help you mobilise more easily:

    Best wishes


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    Many Thanks Ellen This site is amazing, why I never got involved before is so unreal, talking helps so much especially when everyone is in the same boat, some sinking and some just about staying afloat,

    Life at times is cruel, but having had this complaint for years, its now part and parcel of what happens,

    Onwards and Upwards, I find myself ringing work so often to say I cannot walk, I wonder at times if they think I am blagging it, and just taking time off, what else can you do ? there is never a month goes by, without me taking off time, and ringing in sick, and then I can go months without any problems, such a shame, I would not wish it on anyone

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    I felt the same when I joined this site @Buncrana

    It is a wonderful place full of fabulous people who all understand you. No judgements, no feeling 'lazy' just support from people who know!

    I'm so glad you have found us.

    Best wishes


  • Limpingandinpain

    I'm allergic to anti inflammatories so my GP has had to find me something that works. Cocodamol wasn't doing anything on the really bad days so he prescribed Tramadol, which takes the edge off if I take them then sit against my little electric blanket for a little while, then I can usually start moving. For the truly bad days and nights (sometimes it has me in tears by bedtime just trying to get to bed - I've seen me take 4+ attempts to get into bed just to get my legs in and get shifted into a lying down position) he has now prescribed liquid morphine and amitryptaline. The morphine takes the pain away so much that I can walk around the house without my stick, but the rest of the time I'm almost having to use 2 sticks to get about.

    My GP is happy for me to decide myself which level of painkillers I need each day and trusts me to be sensible, however I keep running into problems when I need to order more, because if it goes to a different GP in the practice, they just look at it and see I had cocodamol a couple of weeks ago so they're not going to prescribe tramadol for example. Then I have to start getting in touch (after eventually discovering my request has been declined and nobody actually telling me) and trying to get someone to see sense. I've started doing e-consults FAO the GP who I was seeing and just hoping he will actually get it.

    I've got a fight on my hands again just now because I can't order the morphine again until next Tuesday and we are going on holiday on Saturday so I asked if I could get it a few days early to take with me - this is going to make the difference between enjoying the holiday and being able to do things, and being in severe pain and able to do very little. I asked if I could have it to collect on Friday. I checked back today and it's been refused.

    I've done another e-consult FAO the GP who's been seeing me and hopefully he will understand. The pain is horrific, like something stabbing all round my hips and groin every time I put any weight on either leg. I've even asked if they could send the script electronically to a pharmacy local to where we are staying on Tuesday. I should have a response by tomorrow night. Thank goodness my husband suggested starting early trying to get it, in case of any problems!

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    Painkillers, in general, were designed for short term use so we must think around this. A mix of pain relieving actions taken at the same time can be useful. Cognitive skills, heat, painkillers, rest, exercise, body positioning and statue. We must all keep doing what we like to do and without the ‘like’ part of that we wouldn’t do anything! Ask for a Pain Clinic referral from your GP, YOU’ll learn lots there.

    winter drawers on, a true saying, buy some for winter and keep your joints warm, ‘cast not a clout til May is out’, it was arthers who invented these sayings. Hahaha.

    its a grin, honest!

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    Definitely ask for a referral to a pain clinic @Buncrana

    They are the experts in pain and will help you find what works for you.

    I wonder why you have been taken off of your anti-inflams and if it means you can't use the anti-inflam gels?

    I get terrible belly ache and the two bob bits on them but am ok with Arcoxia (A Cox2 inhibitor) with lansoprazole 30mg which seems to be ok, but long term use of ibuprofen (brufen) took it's toll on my stomach.

    Please do let us know how you get on ((()))